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EYELID SURGERY (Blepharoplasty)

Removal of the excess of the loose skin and fat tissue of the upper and lower eyelids, or correction of eye bags; correction of the upper and lower eyelids can be performed together or as separate procedures.

By the previously marked drawing, the excess skin and fat tissue of the upper eyelid gets elliptically removed with the scar in the eyelid fold. The incision on the lower eyelid goes immediately under the eyelashes, and if there is no excess skin, the fat tissue is removed via conjunctive on the inner side of the eyelid, i.e. without the external scar.

The surgery is performed in local anaesthesia in duration of 30 minutes for the upper eyelids and 45 minutes for the lower eyelids.

24 hours after the surgery it is necessary to put cold compresses onto the eyelids. The suture is removed in 6-7 days.

Swellings of the eyelids and suffusions that last 5-7 days; impossibility of full closing and eye leaking are temporary phenomena.


Lifting of the loose tissues of the face and neck, as well as volumetric rejuvenation. Lifting should be often combined with eyelid correction and face liposculpture.

The incisions are located along the hair line on the temples and continue immediately in front of the earlobe, in front of the earlap and behind the ear. After that the facial and neck skin is liberated, and its excess is removed, with the previous lifting of the subcutaneous structures, in order to provide a long-lasting effect. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the fat deposits under the jaw and on the neck by liposuction for improvement of their contours.

The surgical intervention is performed in general anaesthesia, and lasts some 2–4 hours. The duration of intervention depends on the type of operation, as today there are many types of face lifting procedure.

Removal of the bandages and drainage after 1-2 days and the sutures are removed between the day 7 and 10.

Swellings and suffusions that withdraw within a week, a transitory sensation of numbness of the facial skin, a trauma of the facial nerve branches, the hypertrophy scars behind the ear and on the neck, a receded hair line.

LOP EARS / (Otapostasis)

Reduction of the angle between the earlobe and the head and correction of the earlobe shape.

The procedure consists of removal of the excess skin behind the ear and re-shaping of the earlobe cartilage until the achievement of the normal contour and angle between the earlobe and the head.

The surgery is performed in local anaesthesia and lasts around one hour (both sides). If needed, in smaller children that are not mentally prepared, it can be performed in total anaesthesia as well.

The bandage and suture are removed after seven days.

Transitory earlobe swelling and even rarer suffusions

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NOSE AND NOSE SEPTUM SURGERY / Corrective rhinoplasty

Reoblikovanje nosa /RHINOPLASTICA/ spada među naše najčešće zahvate estetske hirurgije lica ali i najzahtjevnije operativne zahvate. Postignuti rezultat može nakon ove intervencije cijelom licu dati potpuno drugačiji , skladniji i ljepši izgled. Rinoplastika se najčešće obavlja zajedno sa septoplastikom, funkcionalnom korekcijom nosne pregrade, te se u toku jednog zahvata koriguje i funkcionalni i estetski problem.

Changes in size and shape of the nose (marked nose bridge-aquiline nose, too long, too wide nose, widened or asymmetric top, bent nose top, saddle nose), as well as correction of possible respiratory disorders, or septum deviation.

It is necessary to make all the required laboratory tests after the surgeon's examination, including an ECG and sometimes an RTG image of facial bones and it is advisable to that an anaesthesiologist performs an examination, granting you permission to undergo an operative procedure.

The correction is performed through the incisions inside or outside the nostrils, so there is no visible scar. The procedure consists of changing the shape and position of the nose cartilage and bones. Upon the intervention performed, tampons are placed in the nasal corridors, and a compressive mask on the nose from the outside, which are all removed after seven days.

The surgery usually lasts from 45 min to 2 hours.

The patient breaths through the mouth until the removal of the tampons and the mask, while in the meantime the swelling withdraws up to the greatest extent.

Swellings around the eyes and the surrounding tissue..

Septoplasty is a surgery by which the nose septum is corrected with a view to improving the nose function. It can be performed independently, as well as within the aesthetic nose correction. The surgery includes a removal of the deformed parts of the nose septum and placing the septum in the right position. After the surgery, the patients have tampons in their nose for 2 days. Unlike the septorhinoplasty, the patient does not have any swellings or suffusions.

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